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Having technical problems with your Leatherman? Unsure whether it's legal to take your multi-tool on a plane? Or encountering issues when you try to order an engraved tool? The answers are all here. Just click the area you need advice on below to jump to the correct section. 

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Product Advice

Which Leatherman is right for me?

Each Leatherman is created for a different purpose. You first need to decide what you want to use your Leatherman for. DIY? Camping and outdoor activities? Emergency Services? Under the Departments tab on our website you’ll be able to easily find the perfect Leatherman for you. Alternatively you can find our recommended Leatherman for your hobby or profession in our in-depth guide.

What is the Leatherman Warranty?

All Multi tools, pocket tools and rescue tools sold by us carry a 25 year warranty. You can find the full extent of information on our warranties page.

Which Leathermans are non-locking?

The Juice series and the Micra series are both non-locking tools. if you're looking for a tool without a blade for every day carry, the Knifeless Rebar is perfect for you. For information about Knife Laws please see our page.

How do I get replacement parts / What accessories can I get for my Leatherman?

We stock a full range of Accessories from Bit Kits to Bit Drivers and Sheaths. If you’re unable to find the part you are looking for please contact us.

Can I legally carry my Leatherman/What are the Knife Laws?

Penalties for breaking UK knife laws can be severe. For any queries on the UK Knife Laws, please see our page with a full range of information about the laws from Basic Laws to the maximum penalty.

Can I take my Leatherman on a plane?

Keep all Leatherman tools in your checked in luggage. The Leatherman Tread and Style PS are TSA (Transport Security Administration) approved.

Technical Advice

Which is the best oil to use with my Multi Tool?

You can keep your Leatherman Multi-Tool or Knife in working condition with the Farrar & Tanner Multi-Tool Oil.

Why is there rust/corrosion on my Leatherman?

In order to re-sharpen your Swiss Army Knife at home you’ll need to be using a Sharpening Stone. You can get your hands on one in our store, it’s quick and simple, just ensure you follow the right instructions for the blade you are sharpening.

How do I clean my Leatherman?

When it comes to cleaning, it depends on what situations you’ve used your Leatherman for. For use in salt water/marine environments: Fresh water rinse, dry carefully and thoroughly and then finish with a water displacing product. To remove debris/sticky material: Clean in a mild solution of soap and water. To remove tar build up or similar substances: Use mineral spirits – no chlorine based products.

How do I sharpen my Leatherman?

When it comes to sharpening your blade you must make sure you’re using the right piece of equipment. Eg. for a straight blade you can use any standard piece of of equipment, but for a serrated blade you MUST make sure you’re using equipment specially designed for sharpening serrated blades.

Ordering and Delivery Advice

Can I get my Leatherman engraved? - Will it slow down the process?

You can order your Leatherman with a personalised engraving of your choice that will be applied to the tool by a skilled member of staff. For more information visit our laser engraving page. All orders put through before 2pm will be engraved the same day and will have no affect on the process of delivery.Click for more information on our Laser Engraving service.

How long does delivery take/What shipping options are there?

We offer several different delivery options from standard (3-5 working days) to guaranteed next week day. Orders made before 2pm will be sent out the same day. You can read our dedicated delivery options page for more information.

What is the returns policy?

Engraved or not, you may return your item in its undamaged, original packaging within 60 days free of charge. You can find all information about our Returns Policy here.

I want to get a logo on my Leatherman / I want to buy multiple of the same product / I want to buy in bulk, are there any discount codes available?

Please contact us at or on +44 (0) 344 5678 365 to discuss your requirements.

Can I send in my Leatherman tool to be engraved?

If you already own a Leatherman tool you can send it to us to have engraved. For more information on this service please call us on +44 (0) 344 5678 365.

I can't log in to my account?

If you’re having trouble with your account, don’t hesitate to call us+44 (0) 344 5678 365. We can find out what the problem is and reset your account if needed.