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LED Lenser are a German company based in Solingen and founded by twin brothers Rainer & Harold Opolka. The first LED Key Ring torch was manufactured in May 2000 and ever since the company has been at the forefront of LED technology. LED Lenser are constantly innovating and developing new products suitable for all market sectors. The total range of torches produced by the company spans 235 items, with high quality products being produced in categories like professional hand held torches, Head Torches, Dive Torches, Key Ring Torches, Rechargeable torches and Flex Lights etc.

LED Lenser ensures the high quality of its products by making them to a set of standards. The reflector tubes used are lined with Italian crystal and are shaped to maximise the light output of a torch into a broader, more powerful beam. The lenses used were developed in conjunction with the Institute of light in Munich and work to focus the light produced by the LEDs, which are in turn only high-wattage, high-quality LED chips.

The only LED chips that are used are Japanese Nichia® chips or Silicon Valley's CREE® chips which have lifetimes of around 100,000 hours of usage. The usage of these chips instead of filament bulbs or standard torch bulbs means that the energy usage is aroud 0.1W for a standard LED torch or 0.8-3W for an ultra-bright power chip. 

The torch casings are made from solid metal and house 24-carat gold contacts to minimise energy loss and maximise beam power output.


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Led Lenser K2L LED Torch supplied with 5 Year Warranty

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