Leatherman FREE – The Ultimate Problem Solver

The Leatherman FREE Series Has Been Designed For You!

With over 35 years of experience, Leatherman have changed the way we’ll see multi-tools forever.

The Leatherman FREE series introduces innovative design details never seen before in the industry. Completely re-designing the traditional multi-tool, the FREE is smart, fast and equipped for any problem you throw its way.


Designed to suit your life, Leatherman have solved the problems that used to stand in your way.


All tools are housed on the outside making this a truly one-hand opening Leatherman, saving you time in an emergency. Their new Magnetic Architecture means a simple push of the thumb opens the tool you need, and this smooth deployment will never fade. This quick release saves you from damaging your nails trying to pry out the right tool. Finished with a click from the Haptic Locking System your tool is secure and ready to get to work.


With a flow never felt before in a Leatherman, the FREE series keeps your eye on the job, not the tool. Backed up by their unrivalled 25 year warranty the FREE series is built for the future.


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What is the Leatherman FREE?



Enhanced Ergonomics: The Leatherman FREE series is built to fit your hand and using it becomes second nature as you solve your daily problems. Find the right tool for the job without damaging your nails and get the job done faster. The stylish finish adds grip while the grey nylon pouch stands out against the other Leatherman accessories on offer



Magnetic Architecture: This clean deployment focuses you on the task at hand so you don’t lose a second finding the right tool. Reduced friction means the tools open easily every time and will stay working smoothly for years.



FREE Access and Haptic Locking: This is the first Leatherman to have every tool housed on the outside, the FREE series is ready to go when you are. Haptic locking gives a secure click when the tools are in place, giving you the peace of mind that nothing will slip.


When is the Leatherman FREE released?

The Leatherman FREE series is made up of 3 product groups being released in stages from April. The P multipurpose tool will see you through the tough jobs. Followed by the compact T model, this essential pocket tool is built for every day carry. Finishing the series is the K, much more than just a pocket knife it has the tools you reach for on a daily basis.


Get to know the FREE Series

The Leatherman FREE P Series

The multipurpose tools you never knew you needed. Easily fitting in a jeans pocket they’re at home both on your workbench or your coffee table. With the tools you’ve come to expect from a Leatherman, you can finish DIY jobs, open packages and solve daily problems with confidence.

With a stylish grey nylon sheath and up to 21 tools which are easily accessed from the outside these multipurpose tools get the job done.



The Leatherman FREE T Series

Lightweight and sized for easy pocket carry, the T series is the streamlined EDC addition to the FREE family. Suited to outdoor use and in your desk drawer at the office, the T2 has 8 tools while the larger T4 has 12 including screwdrivers, a blade, spring-action scissors and tweezers.

Built to fit your hand, the T Series has the essential tools so you can finish DIY jobs without needing your full tool kit. Leatherman’s magnetic architecture and free access make the T Series your go to choice for everyday problems.



The Leatherman FREE K Series

Finishing the Leatherman FREE range, the K is a one-hand opening multi purpose knife with additional tools hidden in the handle, available with a straight edge blade, or a combi-blade. The K2 includes a range of screwdrivers, pry tool and handy bottle opener making it much more than just a pocket knife. With a pair of spring-loaded scissors, the K4 is a step up from the K2 giving you extra functionality making it an indispensable bit of kit.

The magentic architecture of the FREE series gives easy access to all the tools with one hand, and its lightweight design is easy to carry in your pocket.