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Essential Tools For First Responders – Introducing The Leatherman Skeletool RX!

Emergency situations require not just experience and know-how, but the right tools. Below we’ve listed seven essential tools to help you complete your job in the most high-pressure situations…


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Skeletool RX Rescue Multi-Tool (Leatherman, £98.95)1473840615-73231500

Respond to emergency situations quickly and safely with the re-assuring Skeletool RX. Noticing the popularity of the Z-Rex and Raptor Sheers tools, Leatherman decided to go one step further and introduce their first multi-tool designed specifically for first responders. Featuring a specialised 154cm serrated blade for slicing through difficult materials and a carbide glass breaker, the Skeletool RX offers reassurance in high pressure, life threatening situations right out of the box. Also including the traditional Leatherman needlenose pliers and two types of wire cutters, the RX is not just dependable, it’s essential.

Click here to learn more about and order the Skeletool RX.




E-Z Rescue Folding Clip Knife (Gerber, £35.99)1365096157-20848700

Designed with a blunt tip for scenarios when you need to cut without the risk of puncturing or cutting anything adjacent to it. The incredibly sharp serrated blade will cut through anything quickly, efficiently and effectively. It can cut through a rope of 12mm diameter in just one action; and what’s more, with its one-handed opening mechanism, this knife is perfect for quick-arising water-related emergencies. The handle has been expertly crafted using a material called Kraton for excellent grip in wet conditions. It’s the tool that’ll save you in situations you need it most.

Click here to learn more about and order the E-Z Rescue Folding Knife.



Z-Rex Rescue Tool (Leatherman, £24.25)1365096618-73679800

A tool designed for professionals who are first on the scene. Designed with a grip that won’t fail you and specifically designed for car rescues with its Tungsten Carbide glass breaker and a strap cutter; you can smash a window and cut a seatbelt in one swift movement. This pocket-sized tool saves you precious seconds when emergencies call.

Click here to learn more about and order the Z-Rex.




T7.2 (Led Lenser, £44.96)1390386461-90614900

Housed in a tactical style body, the T7.2 comes loaded with features, including a ‘Fast Lock’ beam and Advanced Focus System meaning you’ll be able to adapt this torch to any situation. Perfectly manufactured for search and rescue missions with a beam distance of up to 260m, reaching a maximum of 320 lumens and featuring a maximum burn time of 50 hours. This water and dust resistant torch is exactly what professionals need in emergencies.

Click here to learn more about and order the T7.2




Raptor Medical Shears (Leatherman, £67.91459501652-114383005) 

The Raptor has been developed specifically for first responders. It features scissors for cutting clothes, a strap cutter, glass breaker, an oxygen tank wrench, a ring cutter and more. Designed with a Zytel handle, the tool can be comfortably used in wet, hot or cold conditions. For professionals who need to go to work there and then; the Raptor is the tool for you.

Click here to learn more about and order the Raptor Medical Sheers.





RescueTool Swiss Army Knife (Victorinox, £79.99)1365098837-93318600

Developed and perfected in cooperation with emergency medical and rescue services, the Victorinox Swiss Army RescueTool is tried and tested to produce results when you need it most. With five years of fly the most essential tools to keep it lightweight when you’re out in the field. The tool can now be opened in seconds for quick access to the rounded belt cutter, large locking serrated blade and screwdriver. The unique removable glass breaker

Click here to learn more about and order the RescueTool Swiss Army Knife.




753 Redpoint Rescue Knife Black (Buck, £53.99)1424264368-21136700

Buck Knives are known for making sturdy, reliable tools and their rescue tool is no exception to the high quality standards Buck set themselves. This rescue tool is safe, convenient and practical; it has a reputation for safety and performance for those who serve and protect. It features one-handed SafeSpin deployment for easy opening and closing without having to touch the blade, and its all-weather grip makes for perfect use in any conditions. Fit with a glass breaker and a seatbelt cutter the Redpoint Rescue Knife has got you covered. Also available in a Neon Yellow model.

Click here to learn more about and order the Buck 753 Redpoint Rescue Knife.

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