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Gold Leatherman Tread – Practical Style?

2015 saw the launch of the groundbreaking Leatherman Tread. The unique wearable multi-tool offered something different for Leatherman fans and many of you got in contact through email and social media letting us know how the Tread has become a part of your everyday life. Whether it’s at work, in the garden shed or even on holiday, you’re all finding new ways of putting your Tread to good use.

While we’re big fans of the classic stainless steel and black designs, we couldn’t help but wonder how it would look with a flashier finish. Introducing the Gold Tread!

Available exclusively in the UK through, the Gold Tread has the same diamond like coating (DLC) as the black edition, giving it a tough, corrosion resistant finish.

Easy to use and comfortable on your wrist, the Gold Tread is still your go to tool for everyday odd jobs, from tightening screws to opening bottles.

Think the Gold Tread is the next fashion must for practical men? Or could only a rapper pull this off? We want to know exactly how you feel about this new release. Just choose an option below and let us know if you think the Gold Tread is Practical Style or if it’s Just Too Bling!

Choose Practical Style or Just Too Bling to cast your vote!



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