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Find Your Leatherman! A Multi-Tool Guide.

The right multi-tool can be a lifesaver, the wrong one can leave you stuck. The fantastic variety of the Leatherman range means it can be tricky to work out just which multi-tool is the right one for you.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of the most common professions and passions of Leatherman users and the tools we think best fit the job. All to make sure you can easily Find Your Leatherman!

Looking for something specific? Just select your profession/hobby below to skip straight to that section.


Camping / Bushcraft

You can never be sure what nature is going to throw at you. The right tools will keep you going when the outdoors demands your best.

Leatherman Signal

1426099559-28026700A Leatherman for the survivalist. The Signal incorporates bushcraft essentials into the traditional multi-tool line up. The unique additions of a ferrocerium fire starter and survival whistle make the Signal ideal for budding outdoors adventurers.

The fire starter gets the campfire roaring in no time, while a built in diamond coated sharpener ensures crucial knives stay sharp the whole trip. Lightweight and compact, the Signal doesn’t compromise by ditching essentials like a saw blade, knife or pliers in the name of space.

With the Signal on your belt you’re free to really enjoy the outdoors.

Click here to view the full Signal range >

Leatherman Micra

1365096272-49833600Your best bet for travelling light. The Leatherman Micra has quickly become a favourite amongst fishermen and festival goers, serving as a brilliant backup tool.

Weighing just 51g and measuring at 6.5cm when closed, the Micra is barely bigger than your thumb, with a keychain for easy carry. Ten essential tools are packing into this scaled down design, including a knife blade, three screwdriver headers and spring action scissors.

We think this is the most adaptable mini tool on the market and an ideal addition for making sure your campsite runs smoothly.

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Don’t let broken gear ruin your sporting holiday. These tools mean you can spend more time enjoying your hobby and less worrying about damaged kit.

Leatherman Skeletool SX – Winter Sports

1391962207-99277800-2The Skeletool SX is designed with avid snowboarders in mind, featuring a stripped down, lightweight design perfect for when you’re out on the slopes.

Its main feature is an impressive 6.2cm locking stainless steel blade. The blade features a serrated edge and a modern ‘naked knife’ design. An adjustable bit driver, two sets of wire cutters and robust pliers give the SX the power and adaptability to deal with all the gear breakages that come with pushing yourself to the limit.

No matter how many times you end up bailing, you can at least be sure your equipment wont let you down.

Click here to view the full Skeletool range >

Leatherman Juice SX – Surfing

1402905788-95922200The Skeletool SX’s little brother, the Juice SX is more at home catching some waves than hitting the slopes. Designed in collaboration with surfers, this updated edition of the ever popular Juice pocket tool features a 3/332 fin key, perfect for making adjustments to surfboard fin bolts on the fly.

All the multi-tool essentials are here, including a 420 high-carbon stainless steel blade, robust pliers and a screwdriver. There’s even a corkscrew and bottle opener, so you can enjoy a little post surf celebration. Most importantly, the Juice is EDC friendly, so you can take it anywhere you want!

You can’t say you’re ready for the waves without one.

Click here to view the full Juice range >


Tired of lugging around a heavy toolbox full of unreliable kit? These are the Leatherman tools designed to do the heavy lifting for you.

Leatherman Super Tool 300

1365096377-67532900-2The Super Tool 300 is the ultimate piece of kit for someone working with their hands all day. Designed for the working man or woman, this resilient, heavy duty multi-tool features Leatherman’s most powerful pliers yet, three wire cutters and a comprehensive collection of plumbing, carpentry and electrician essentials.

Hard bodied and heavy, the Super Tool is definitely not the EDC option, but its range of tools in a perfectly balanced design more than makes up for it.

This won’t just make it into your toolbox, it’ll replace it outright!

Click here to view the full Super Tool range >

Leatherman Crunch


With its eye-catching vice-grip pliers the Crunch takes a big bite out of tough jobs.

The pliers impressively clamp onto objects up to 1 inch wide, offering the most reliable grip found on a Leatherman. Unlike the bulky Super Tool, the Crunch is surprisingly lightweight and measures at a compact 10cm when fully folded. The Crunch also features wire cutters, screwdriver heads, a wood/metal file and a 420HC stainless steel sheepsfoot serrated knife blade – a range to rival the finest Leathermans.

A unique package, brimming with innovation and practical everyday uses. Much more than a one trick pony!

Click here to view the full Crunch range >

Emergency Services / First Responders

Crucial situations require a certain type of person, with a certain type of equipment. Make sure you’ve got tools you can depend on when people are depending on you.

Skeletool RX 

1473840615-73231500Ready to respond quickly and safely in emergency situations, the Skeletool RX is the ultimate first responder tool.

The first Leatherman multi-tool designed exclusively for emergency workers, the RX overhauls the lightweight Skeletool body with essential tools for life threatening situations.

The 154CM steel serrated knife blade is an adaptable and powerful centerpiece, cutting through ropes and fabrics effortlessly. A carbide glass beaker sits at the base of the tool, easily accessible in time crucial situations. This is combined with the durability and power of the obligatory Leatherman pliers and wire cutters.

Dependable and easy to carry, there really is no reason for a professional to be without the RX.

Click here to view the full Skeletool range >

Leatherman Z-Rex Rescue Tool

1365096618-73679800-2Ask anyone who works as a first responder and they’ll tell you the importance of a glass breaker and strap cutter. The fact that the Z-Rex incorporates both of these into one lightweight design makes keeping one on your waist a no-brainer.

The Z-Rex is all about simplicity. A swift and decisive strap cutter is a practical centrepiece, while the Tungsten Carbide glass breaker is built in at the base. As if this tool wasn’t versatile enough already, there are even built in oxygen and hex wrenches.

Compact and full of amazing features, you’re sure to be surprised by just how useable the Z-Rex is.

Click here to view the full Rescue Tool range >

Leatherman Raptor

1477382528-00156700The Raptor Medical Shears bring calmness and control to complex and volatile situations.

Leatherman have combined six essential emergency tools into this compact, carry friendly design. The Raptor is built around a thick pair of precise medical scissors that slice through clothes without resistance. Not to be outdone by the Z-Rex, a glass breaker is built into the base of the handle, with a seatbelt strap cutter neatly tucked into the folding body.

It’s easy to see why first responders think so highly of the Raptor.

Click here to view the full Rescue Tool range >

Law Enforcement

Just like emergency services workers, time is crucial to police forces. Get yourself a tool that can help you reach the high standards expected of you.

Leatherman OHT

1365096623-90666100Just like any good police officer, the OHT deals with the problem quickly and with as little hassle as possible.

Every tool on the unique OHT is accessible and operable with just one hand, from its spring loaded pliers and wire cutters to the police essential strap cutter. Its black coated, non reflective body even features imprints to help you quickly identify where the tool you most need is located.

The OHT is here to be efficient, so you can be too.

Click here to view the full OHT range >

Leatherman Charge ALX

1365096477-25307900The updated edition of the popular Charge AL was designed with Police work directly in mind.

The ALX swaps out scissors for an ever-useful cutting hook worked into the back of its serrated blade. Like the OHT speed of use is the Charge ALX’s most valuable asset. The design is precise and comfortable to use. Its impressive range of blades are accessible from the outside and require little maintenance thanks to a corrosion resistant coating.

Brute strength and intelligence embodied in a multi-tool, ready to help in the toughest situations.

Click here to view the full Charge range >


These are the multi-tools designed to help you achieve the high military standard you aspire to. We recommend the Black Oxide version of these tools, a finish designed to minimise reflectiveness and visibility.

Leatherman MUT

1290866824-14144600The MUT is the first Leatherman multi-tool designed specifically for practical military use.

This is the ideal tool for disassembling your firearm and maintaining its condition, featuring cleaning rod and brush adaptors and a replaceable disassembly punch.

The MUT features 18 of the most varied tools available on a Leatherman, from standard additions such as a 420HC steel blade and three types of wire cutters, to emergency and military cutting hooks and bolt overrides. From top to bottom the MUT is an incredibly well refined and comprehensive collection. There are few multi-tools built with such passion and intricacy, as evident from the way space is maximised. A must have for anyone serving in the forces.

If you’re involved in a more specialist line of military work take a look at the MUT EOD.

Leatherman Wave CC

1479488138-11540700Adapted from Leatherman’s best selling multi-tool of all time, the unique CC incorporates a Cap Crimper needlenose plier head to transform the Wave into a military grade piece of kit.

A cap Crimper plier head is used in military bomb diffusal situations. On top of this, sharper knives, longer wire cutters and stronger pliers mean everything is bigger with the Cap Crimper, all while retaining the intricacy and practicality of the Wave. Your favourite multi tool now does a lot more than fix leaky pipes.

The Wave Cap Crimper is also a practical option for mining and demolition workers. A fantastic option for the right kind of specialist.

Click here to view the full Wave range > 



Of course this is just scratching the surface of the incredibly varied Leatherman range, and just our opinion of the best tools for the job.

If none of these tools caught your eye then take a look at our full Multi-Tool Range and Pocket Tool Range.

Make sure to tell us which Leatherman tool you found most useful for your job or hobby and what blogs you’d like to see from us in the future!

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