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Find Your Leatherman! A Multi-Tool Guide.

With the fantastic range of Leatherman tools available it can be tricky to work out just which one is right for you. Don’t head to the beach for a surf with a tool designed for a plumber. We’ve made things easier for you with this list of some of the most common professions and passions of multi-tool users and the tools we recommend, so that you can find your Leatherman!

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Camping / Bushcraft

You can never be sure what kind of tricky situation is going to pop up in the wild. Make sure you’ve got the tools that’ll get you started and keep you going.

Leatherman Signal1426099547-96604100-3

As the first Leatherman tool to incorporate survival gear into the traditional tool line up, the Signal is definitely a multi-tool for the outdoorsy types. It’s unique additions of a fire starter and whistle means this is the perfect starting point for potential adventurers. The essentials are all there for you to get a campsite started. For the experts there’s the diamond coated sharpener so that’s blunt tools don’t ruin your outdoors experience. You’ll feel like you’re never leaving the campsite with the Signal on your belt.

Leatherman Wingman1365096541-90484100-2

Maybe the Signal is a little too heavy going, a little too into the outdoors for you. Maybe your next camping trip is just a relaxing family bonding session and you need something that can turn you into problem solver Dad. Look no further than the Wingman. You’ll soon see why the Wingman earned its name it becomes your go to for everything. The tool selection on the Wingman is simple. It’s durable, compact and best of all it’s just as useful once you get home.


Don’t have your sporting holiday be ruined by damaged equipment. Spend less time worrying about the condition of your kit and more enjoying yourself with these sport multi-tools.

Leatherman Skeletool SX – Winter Sports1391962207-99277800

When you’re passionate about a winter sport such as snowboarding, you want to spend less time on board repairs, and more time hitting the slopes. Leatherman, as usual, have you covered, with the Skeletool SX designed with avid snowboarders in mind. Featuring a stripped down design as cool as snowboarders themselves, you’ve got an impressive 6.2cm locking stainless steel blade, wire cutters and bit driver so tweaking your board or adjusting your bindings is no issue wherever you are on the mountain. No matter how many times you end up bailing in the snow, you can be sure your equipment wont let you down.

Leatherman Juice SX – Surfing1402905788-95922200
The Skeletool SX’s little brother, the Juice SX is less concerned with hitting the slopes and more interested in finding the biggest waves. Designed in collaboration with surfers and adapted from the popular Leatherman Juice series of smaller multi-tools, the SX has the added bonus of a 3/332 fin key for you can make proper adjustments to your board even when you’re at the beach. For when your board needs a more robust fix, or maybe your trip calls for a little bit of impromptu DIY, the standard knife, screwdriver heads and bottle opener, for post-surf celebrations of course, are included. You can’t say you’re ready for the beach without one.

Leatherman Wave – Sailing1365682028-58327000Take control on the open ocean with a Wave. Whether you’re completing those day-to-day tasks or the weather has battered your boat through the night, the Wave is ready to help you spring into action. Re-designed to feature stronger pliers and sharper knives, this is the classic multi-tool beefed up to deal with the harshness of sailing and make your trip a memorable one. The Wave even helps you stay fed and hydrated with its bottle and can opener. An adventurers best friend.


Find yourself working with your hands all day? These are the Leatherman tools designed to help you get the tough jobs done.

Leatherman Super Tool 3001365096377-67532900-2

No matter your profession, the versatility of the Super Tool 300 is bound to impress on the job no matter your profession. The Super Tool is your heavy-duty assistant on site, boasting the strongest pliers ever on a Leatherman and three different types of wire cutters. There’s more than just brute strength on offer here though. The Super Tool saves you carry space with it’s built in ruler on the handle. With a body designed to be just as comfortable and easy to use even if your work calls for gloves, the Super Tool just became the first thing you pick up as you leave the house. Say goodbye to your toolbox, because it just got replaced!

Leatherman Crunch1365096389-21889800 At first glance the Crunch looks a bit too specialist to become an essential part of your work equipment. However, this is a tool that can take a big bite out of any job. The most eye catching feature of the Crunch is its vice-grip locking pliers, which can impressivel clamp onto objects up to 1 inch wide. While you can definitely feel the bulkiness of the Super Tool, the Crunch is surprisingly lightweight and measures in at a compact 10cm when folded. In our opinion this is the potential best friend of any plumber, electrician or anyone that finds themselves needing pliers regularly at work. A unique package, brimming with practical uses.

Emergency Services / First Responders

Crucial situations require a certain kind of person and equipment. Make sure you’ve got tools you can depend on, when people are depending on you.

Leatherman Z-Rex Rescue1365096618-73679800
Anyone working as a first responder will come across a time in which they’ll need either a glass breaker or strap cutter. The fact that the Z-Rex pulls both of these tools together into one design you can keep on your waist makes picking this up a no-brainer. The Z-Rex is all about simplicity. A swift and decisive strap cutter sits at the top of the tool, while a Tungsten Carbide glass breaker can be found handily at the base. As if this tool wasn’t versatile enough, there are also built in oxygen and hex wrenches. Compact and full of amazing features, you wont know how you got the job done without it.

Leatherman Raptor1375265047-96434700

Emergency situations are often complex and volatile, that’s why the simplistic design of the Raptor Medical Sheers is so perfect for first responders. It’s the combination of six different essential tools coupled with a compact folding design for easy carry that makes us think so highly of the Raptor. The Raptor is built around a thick pair of precise scissors that cuts clothing with ease and without delay. For vital situations the Raptor also has a glass breaker on the base of the handle and a neatly tucked away strap cutter that can be folded into the body. It’s easy to see that this tool was designed with the input of medical and fire rescue professionals. Quite literally a life saver.

Law Enforcement

Just like emergency services workers, time is crucial to anyone working in the police. Get yourself a tool that can help you reach the high standards expected of you.

Leatherman OHT1365096623-90666100

The OHT has the same mentality as any good police officer; make sure the situation is dealt with quickly with as little hassle as possible. Anyone working in law enforcement has little time to spare, that’s where this one hand operable multi-tool comes in. The OHT doesn’t just help you get the work done fast, it works fast itself. It’s pliers and wire cutters are spring loaded for quick response, it has police essentials including strap cutters and the handle even has visual imprints you can use to quickly identify where the tool you want to use is folded away. The OHT is here to be efficient, so you can be too.

Leatherman Charge ALX1365096477-25307900

The updated version of the popular Charge Al tool designed with the Police in mind. The ALX swaps out scissors for the ever-useful cutting hook worked into the back of its serrated blade. Like the OHT this tool is designed with speed, precision and comfort in mind. The blades are accessible from the outside of the tool and thanks to premium tools like its corrosion resistant blade it requires low maintenance. Brute strength embodied in a multi-tool, there to help you deal with the toughest of situations.


Military personnel know that in high pressure situation they need the right equipment, kept to the right standard. These are the multi-tools designed to help you achieve that standard. We recommend the Black Oxide version of these tools, a finish designed to minimise reflectiveness and visibility.

Leatherman MUT1365096441-32932400

While a lot of tools of this list can excel in situation they weren’t designed for, the MUT, Military Utility Tool, is more specialist. This is the first Leatherman multi-tool designed specifically for practical military use. This is the ideal tool for disassembling your firearm and maintaining its general condition. For any military personal looking to keep their vital equipment in working order, while lightening the load in your pack, this is a tool you can’t be without. If you’re involved in a more specialist line of military work take a look at the MUT EOD.

Leatherman Wave CC1429008782-03961600-2

Adapted from the design of the Wave, the best selling Leatherman tool of all time, this unique model includes a cap crimper worked into the classic needlenose plier. This opens up possibilities not found in the Wave, as well as knocking a few tools off your carry list. Everything is bigger with the Cap Crimper, sharper knives, longer wire cutters and stronger pliers. Now the multi-tool you use to file your nails can be used during bomb dis-arming missions. This is a tool that does both the essentials and the extremes well.

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