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Monthly Archives: September 2011

Leatherman Style PS – The ‘Travel Friendly’ Leatherman

Last year Leatherman launched a complete update to their popular “keychain” line of tools. Fast forward to 2011 and they have taken the most popular model, the Style CS, and replaced all non TSA compliant features with travel friendly ones to launch the Style PS (pliers/scissors). Leatherman Style PS – Travel Friendly & Easily Portable: The handy Style PS is … Continue reading

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Leatherman Sidekick – New Product

The much anticipated new Leatherman Sidekick has today arrived alongside the slightly cheaper Leatherman Wingman. Despite being launched as new ‘entry level’ models, these two certainly punch above their weight in terms of quality and both are made in Portland, Oregon, so quality remains as high as ever. As with all Leatherman multi tools, the pair also benefit from the … Continue reading

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Leatherman Wingman – New Product

The Leatherman Wingman has today arrived and been added to our website with 10% off the retail price of £44.95. This ground breaking, all new Leatherman product has been launched alongside it’s big brother, the Leatherman Sidekick and both benefit from spring loaded pliers – the first of their kind from Leatherman, who have patented this excellent technology. Leatherman Wingman … Continue reading

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